Sandra Kathleen is a jewelry maker, psychotherapist and vibrational body worker from Berkeley, California. She creates jewelry in her home studio and sells pieces at local shows and online. Sandra has a part time private practice for her counseling and body work offerings. In the summertime Sandra travels to some remote locations where she provides mental health first aid and education for communities gathered for summer camps and education.

Sandra's love of jewelry crafting began at age 5. Her fascination with gemstones, adornment and subtle energies has inspired a lifelong passion to create pieces that impact the felt sense of the wearer in an uplifting and healing way. Sandra creates handmade jewelry pieces celebrating raw and uncommon gemstones. Ear wires are hand forged with 14k gold filled or sterling silver metal. Some stones are custom cut.

Sandra Kathleen Jewelry can be purchased through the artist using this site, through a custom order, a private studio appointment, or at a local show. Sandra Kathleen jewelry is held at Rue Atelier in Elmwood, CA. Gift Certificates Available! Please feel free to make inquires, there are always more pieces and options in the studio than are represented on this site.


Upcoming events:

*Bouquet Market, September 15th 2018

17171 D Fourth Street, Berkeley


*First Friday, October 5,2018

Warehouse 416, 26th Street, Oakland



photo by Julia Corbett